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July 2021: Messaging Between Property Manager & Residents and Maintenance Flagging Improvements
July 2021: Messaging Between Property Manager & Residents and Maintenance Flagging Improvements
Check out the roundup of the newest features and upgrades
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Check out updates released for RentCheck Version 6.14!

Added Messaging Between Property Manager and Residents

Residents can now add a summary note or message to the property manager on their completed inspection. This allows the individual to highlight a particular issue documented in their inspection or add a summary note before submitting their inspection.

This optional message is meant to give the property manager a heads up on any important issues documented in the inspection as soon as possible. If a note is added, it will be included in the inspection completion confirmation email and also on the Inspection Timeline.

In reviewing inspection approval notes that have been added to date we’ve noticed how helpful it would be if you could send a message to the resident when approving an inspection. With this update, we’ve also added the ability for a property manager to message a resident when approving an inspection. This allows the property manager to respond to the resident if they left a note or leave their own message as they approve the inspection.

Let the resident know they did a great job! Confirm your maintenance team will swing by for a follow up! Residents will see this note in the inspection approved confirmation email and it can be found in the Inspection Timeline on a completed inspection.

Improvements to Maintenance Flagging

When flagging an item for maintenance, you now have the option to add notes that were included on the inspection. If the issue is already explained in the inspection, simply add those notes to the maintenance flag with a click of a button. ✅

Flag an item, and select “add the note from the inspection” to pull the inspection notes directly to the maintenance item.

✨ New Inspection Features ✨

For those units that include the “Back Porch or Deck” as part of the inspection, we are now requesting images and asking questions associated with the condition of the Back Door.

Also, on periodic inspections, we’re now asking residents to stand back from each corner of a room to capture the room in its entirety and get better pictures of the overall space.

Don’t sweat remembering a resident’s contact information. When issuing an inspection from the mobile app, the resident’s contact information will automatically populate making on-the-go inspections even easier.

Lastly, we have removed residents' ability to start an inspection that you have deleted. This eliminates any confusion for residents as they will no longer have access to a deleted inspection.

So much more coming soon!

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