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August 2021: Improved Inspection Scheduling, Recurring Inspections, and More
August 2021: Improved Inspection Scheduling, Recurring Inspections, and More
Automation is here! And all the other latest and greatest features in the latest release!
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Big changes are in store! Check out all latest features released for RentCheck Version 6.15!

Improved Inspection Scheduling

We’ve made significant upgrades to how inspections are organized based upon the due date. Now, any inspection with a due date beyond 14 days away will be considered scheduled, and the recipient will not receive an invite until two weeks prior to the due date. This ensures the inspection recipient will begin and complete the inspection during the timeframe you’ve assigned.

Inspections will be clearly organized in our new tabs marked Active and Scheduled. Any inspections with due dates beyond 14 days will be found in the Scheduled tab, while the Active tab includes any inspections completed or coming due in the next two weeks.

Once a scheduled inspection due date approaches 14 days, it will move from the Scheduled tab to the Active tab.

Recurring Inspections

We’re looking to provide more automation to the property manager’s job and this is the first of many automation updates to come. Property managers now have the ability to set up recurring inspections for any property unit. Inspections can be set to recur daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually!

After selecting the inspection type and due date, the user can specify if they would like to set the inspection to recur at a certain frequency over a chosen duration of time.

This is perfect for ensuring air filters are changed regularly. Just select Air Filters within a Maintenance Inspection, then set to recur monthly. Rest easy knowing you have continuous insight into your rental units.

Bulk Archiving

We’re happy to announce more organizational tools! To help clear your list of completed and approved inspections, utilize the new bulk archiving feature to quickly move multiple inspections to the Inspection Archive at once.

This helps to simplify the Active inspections tab to only include those inspections that have been recently completed and need review or those inspections that are coming up soon and have not yet been completed. We have more exciting bulk action updates coming in the near future to help you save even more time!

Smoke Alarm Checks

We’ve made Smoke Alarm checks more robust by adding them as a standalone feature in the General section of Move In/Out, Annual, Turn, and Periodic inspections. Residents are now required to take a photo of all smoke detectors. In addition, they will confirm their locations and that they function properly. This added focus on fire alarms helps to protect residents, but also provides peace of mind to the property manager that all regulations are being met.

Resident Removal

Residents are coming and going, and because of this we know it’s vital to be able to quickly add and remove residents from the residents list. We’ve now added the ability to remove residents from your directory within RentCheck. This provides confidence when requesting an inspection knowing you are issuing a request to the current resident, and not a previous resident.

Mobile App Upgrades

We’re revising the workflow of the mobile app that we expect will result in better overall inspections. When beginning a particular room of an inspection, the room/area menu will be presented first. This will provide better expectations of what will be photographed and will reduce duplicate photos.

Add Rooms On the Fly

Property units are unique, so we know it can be a challenge to have all units set up perfectly. To assist with this, we’ve added the ability to add rooms and features during the inspection. This ensures that inspections are accurate and cover all the unique features of the home.

From the 3-dot dropdown menu on an inspection, select “Add a room or area” to select one or more of the predefined room options. The selected rooms will then be added to the current inspection.

That’s all for this roundup! But so much more coming soon!

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