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October 2021: Offline Inspections
October 2021: Offline Inspections
The wait is over! Offline inspections are here!
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Check out all of the latest features released for RentCheck Version 6.17!

Offline Inspections are Here!

We are beyond excited to announce the release of our most requested feature, offline inspections! Inspections are becoming quicker and smoother with the introduction of the new offline capabilities. Previously, inspections required an Internet or network connection. This can be problematic when you’re completing Turn inspections in vacant homes, or residents are performing a Move-In inspection prior to installing Wi-Fi. We want RentCheck inspections to work from anywhere, and to save you as much time as possible. With the new offline capabilities, we’re delivering on both function and speed.

Offline capability allows for a significantly quicker inspection, eliminating upload time between steps. All images are saved to your mobile device, until the inspection is submitted and uploaded. After you have completed all steps, you will be prompted to find connectivity for upload and final submission of the inspection. All photos and progress are saved until you are ready to submit.

Upon submitting the inspection, upload status for each feature will be displayed, so you always know exactly where progress stands during the upload process.

Offline inspections will briefly affect the ability for residents to "take over" an inspection for inspections that have been issued to multiple residents. For now, the recipient that initially begins an inspection will be required to finish the inspection. If a roommate or spouse attempts to start an inspection that was already started, they will be alerted the inspection is in progress. Stay tuned, as this will be updated very soon with our next release!

Quarterly Recurring Inspections

We recently introduced a recurring inspection feature, allowing users to schedule inspections into the future on a recurring basis. By popular demand, we have added a new Quarterly recurring option. This Quarterly schedule adds to the current options, including Monthly and Semi-Annual frequencies.

Download All Image Files

Check out our new feature to “Download Images Only” and receive a file of all individual images included in the inspection. Moving forward, this will replace the “image only” PDF report that was previously available.

Pre-Acquisition Inspection Upgrades

Have you tried our Pre-Acquisition inspection yet? Meant to be done in 15 minutes or less, the Pre-Acquisition inspection type can be your first insight into a prospective new property. Many of our partners have used Pre-Acquisition inspections to help them grow their business faster. Invite the owner to complete the inspection of their property and quickly get insight into its quality and condition before taking it on and adding to your portfolio.

With this release we’ve tailored our invite messaging for Pre-Acquisition inspections to match the profile of a property owner, giving them better expectations of how to perform their assigned inspection. This is a slight change from the resident-focused messaging used for other types of inspections.

Additional Updates

  • Some web app messaging and screens have been updated to provide more consistency in appearance and style, providing a better user experience.

  • The Compare Inspection option has been added back to the Property Details page. This allows for quickly comparing inspections directly from the Property page.

  • Upgrades to our Rent Manager integration to ensure that residents are only imported if an email address is provided

Stay tuned for even more features coming soon!

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