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November 2021: Identify Maintenance Issues & Repairs Needed During Inspections
November 2021: Identify Maintenance Issues & Repairs Needed During Inspections
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Check out all of the latest features released for RentCheck Version 6.18!

Identify Maintenance Issues and Repairs Needed During Inspections

We’ve heard from many property managers how useful Maintenance Reports have been to their inspection follow-up process. After an inspection is completed or submitted, any maintenance /repair issues identified can be added to a maintenance report using the flag icons next to each feature. Until now, Maintenance Reports could only be built when reviewing a completed inspection from your desktop.

Now, we’re introducing maintenance flagging to the inspection process itself! This new functionality allows you to document issues for maintenance while performing an inspection. As you or someone on your team performs an inspection, go ahead and flag for maintenance as you are taking photos and completing the inspection. All of the same options are available, including assigning owner/resident responsibility, estimated cost, and tagging specific photos relevant to the maintenance issue at hand.

We always aim to save you time and keep your processes efficient. This added functionality eliminates the need to get back to your office to flag and follow up on issues you found while walking through a residence.

Upgrades to Rent Manager Integration

Our Rent Manager integration is live! With the Rent Manager integration, you can easily import your unit and tenant directory into RentCheck. The latest update ensures that your RentCheck resident list is kept in sync and continually updated and accurate for all of your active units in RentCheck.

For units imported, RentCheck can also import all associated current tenants from Rent Manager. Tenant status in Rent Manager is determined by the “Move In” and “Move Out” dates on the tenant’s profile in Rent Manager. Every hour, RentCheck will add, update, or remove residents based on any changes made within Rent Manager.

Keep Resident Information Accurate with Bulk Updates

We want to ensure your unit and resident data is accurate in RentCheck. With accurate resident data in RentCheck, you can be sure you are always sending inspection requests to the correct contacts.

The latest improvements to our resident upload feature allow for bulk updates to active resident information, such as lease dates, phone numbers, and rent and security deposit information. Now, when you upload residents to RentCheck, in addition to adding new residents we will update existing ones with any new contact or lease details provided.

Check out the full lineup of fixes and improvements:

  • Scheduled inspections are now displayed on the Unit Details page, helping to give an accurate view of all active and scheduled inspections created for a unit.

  • Improvements to the web app allow for team lists to update without manually refreshing the page

  • We have introduced push notifications to improve the workflow when multiple recipients are sharing inspection responsibilities. One recipient will request to “take over” the inspection, and their spouse or roommate will receive a notice of their request. They are able to approve the request, opening access to their roommate.

  • Upgrades to our Rent Manager integration import configuration page mean your team’s internal name will now be displayed for improved clarity

  • Edits to the mobile app have revised the team name that is shown when editing a unit, correctly changing it to the internal team label.

  • We provide preset options for changing the “rows per page” view. Until now the selection would reset to 10 rows after a refresh of the page which could be frustrating when navigating through inspections or units. We’ve made an update so that we now remember this selection and preference, so your view remains the same as you navigate through units or inspections.

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