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December 2021: Introducing RentCheck Building & Community Inspections
December 2021: Introducing RentCheck Building & Community Inspections
Introducing building and community inspections!
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Welcome back! Check out all of the latest features released in RentCheck Version 6.19!

Introducing RentCheck Building and Community Inspections

Attention multi-family property managers! We’re excited to announce that building and community inspections are now available on RentCheck!

If your portfolio includes multi-family properties, this expansion of our product will enable you to easily inspect and document the condition of your buildings (inside and out) and communities as a whole with the same level of detail and thoroughness as what you’ve come to know and love about RentCheck’s individual unit inspections.

Do you regularly inspect and conduct walkthroughs of your buildings and communities? Do you find it’s difficult to stay organized and on top of these inspections? With this update, you can easily set up inspections to include building and community common areas and amenities such as the lobby, shared laundry facilities, interior hallways, exterior areas, and much more.

The maintenance and upkeep of these common areas play an important role in resident satisfaction and safety. RentCheck building inspections facilitate walk-throughs of these common areas and exterior features and encourage regular maintenance/safety checks on features such as elevators, trash chutes, and lighting. And with community inspections, you can be sure areas like playgrounds, walkways, and other exterior areas and features are safe and in good working order.

Buildings and communities can be created and viewed under the Properties tab, along with your current units. You’ll notice a change in our wording, moving from “Property” to “Units” to help differentiate individual rental units from the full property building. Click “Add a Property” where you will be given the option to add an individual unit, building, or community. After creating the building or community, build your inspection from an extensive list of features. Soon, you will be able to name and save your building and community inspection templates, allowing you to consistently request the same inspections again and again.

Expect to see more upgrades and new multi-family inspection features in the near future! As you start to use building and community inspections, we would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have feedback or ideas! As always, we listen closely to your feedback so we can continue to build out the best inspection solution possible for you and your company.

Improved Signup Process for Team Member Invitations

We’ve revamped the signup process for new team member invites making it quick and easy to join a team and get started immediately. From the Profile menu, add your team member’s email to initiate an invitation and have them join your team account on RentCheck.

As soon as the email invitation is accepted, new users are automatically logged in and prompted to set a new password. This new signup process eliminates many of the previous steps and makes onboarding for new users much smoother. We’re excited to see your teams grow!

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