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August 2022: Inspection Redesign, AppFolio Sync, Latchel Integration, and More
August 2022: Inspection Redesign, AppFolio Sync, Latchel Integration, and More
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New Inspection Detail page who dis?

Our new Inspection Detail page in our web dashboard is designed to make it much faster and easier to review and follow up on issues identified in inspections. No more scrolling through an entire report to find and view items marked as fair or poor!

Inspection features are now presented in a list view with quick filters to access and view features that are rated Poor or Fair, features with No answers, or features marked as Not Applicable.

The redesign also includes:

  • A better image viewing experience. See relevant feature condition ratings, question answers, and flag for maintenance right from an image.

  • A way to easily review rooms and areas marked as Not Applicable during an inspection and update unit details to ensure future inspections are as accurate as possible.

  • A notification when a resident leaves a summary note on their inspection so you can keep on top of important details.

  • A new Inspection Score designed to give quick insight into a property’s condition based on the quality and completeness of the inspection report. You can read more about the Inspection Score and how it’s calculated here.

And last but not least, you’ll notice an improved design for not-yet-completed inspections too. The Inspection Timeline is now front and center and we’ve also added recommended actions to make it easier for you to follow up with residents as needed.

AppFolio Auto-Sync

Automatically import and sync your unit and resident directories daily from AppFolio with RentCheck’s new AppFolio auto-sync feature. We want to take the manual work out of your hands. Set up the auto-sync today with a few easy steps.

The AppFolio Auto-Sync is available as an add-on to your plan. Send us a message through our chat box or email here for pricing information and to get started.

Latchel Work Order Integration

With our Latchel integration (now in Beta), you can create Latchel Work Orders instantly from items flagged on RentCheck inspections. Select one or more flagged items to send to Latchel as a work order and streamline your inspection to maintenance process. Save time and address issues faster by addressing repairs as soon as possible after an inspection is completed.

New Bulk Actions

Edit inspection due dates and delete units in bulk right from the Inspections tab. Scheduling inspections and sending reminders in bulk are also coming soon!

Additional Enhancements & Fixes

  • We’re happy to report that inspection pdf report download issues are a thing of the past. We know this has been frustrating and we appreciate your patience as we’ve created a scalable solution for downloading and accessing reports of all sizes now and into the future.

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms for a unit can now be updated on the fly while performing an inspection.

  • When flagging issues for maintenance, the default skill will be set to ‘General Maintenance’ so as not to slow you down while out in the field or when reviewing inspections.

  • Any questions answered “No” during an inspection will now require a photo to be attached for more detailed reporting and documentation.

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