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360° Image Capture on RentCheck Fast-Track Inspections
360° Image Capture on RentCheck Fast-Track Inspections

Introducing 360° Image Capture on RentCheck Fast-Track Inspections

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We are thrilled to share an exciting enhancement to your RentCheck experience – introducing 360° image Capture for Fast-Track Inspections!

What's New?

With our latest update, RentCheck now seamlessly integrates with Ricoh Theta 360 cameras, allowing you to capture every surface of a room effortlessly. (Supported camera models include the Ricoh Theta SC2, Theta V, Theta X, and Theta Z1.)

The best part? You won't need to download the native Theta app; the RentCheck app efficiently manages memory and photo storage.

How to Get Started:

Camera Connection: Ensure your mobile device is connected to the 360 camera's Wi-Fi network.

Simple Selection: When opening a room or area in a Fast-Track Inspection, choose the '360 Photo' option under Media Formats.

Effortless Capture: Position the tripod-mounted camera in the room's center and step out of the line of sight. With a single tap, capture a 360° image. Repeat this process for each room in the inspection where you would like to take a 360 photo.

You will still have the ability to capture still images as needed when documenting a room or flagging specific items for maintenance.

Swift Transfer: Images will swiftly transfer to your device, enabling you to thoroughly document a property and complete a 360 Fast-Track Inspection in record time.

Review and Share!

Upon completion, 360° images seamlessly integrate into RentCheck's shareable inspection PDF reports.

Each report displays a thumbnail of the 360° image, allowing easy access to the full 360° tour via the '360 Viewer' option in any web browser.

This powerful addition enhances your Fast-Track Inspections, providing a comprehensive visual perspective of properties with ease.

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