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New from RentCheck: 360° Image Capture, Redesigned Maintenance Reporting & more!
New from RentCheck: 360° Image Capture, Redesigned Maintenance Reporting & more!

Exciting News! Introducing 360° Image Capture on Fast-Track Inspections, Redesigned Maintenance Reporting and more!

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We are thrilled to share an exciting enhancement to your RentCheck experience – introducing 360° image Capture for Fast-Track Inspections!

What's New?

With our latest update, RentCheck now seamlessly integrates with Ricoh Theta 360 cameras, allowing you to capture every surface of a room effortlessly. (Supported camera models include the Ricoh Theta SC2, Theta V, Theta X, and Theta Z1.)

The best part? You won't need to download the native Theta app; the RentCheck app efficiently manages memory and photo storage.

How to Get Started:

Camera Connection: Ensure your mobile device is connected to the 360 camera's Wi-Fi network.

Simple Selection: When opening a room or area in a Fast-Track Inspection, choose the '360 Photo' option under Media Formats.

Effortless Capture: Position the tripod-mounted camera in the room's center and step out of the line of sight. With a single tap, capture a 360° image. Repeat this process for each room in the inspection where you would like to take a 360 photo.

You will still have the ability to capture still images as needed when documenting a room or flagging specific items for maintenance.

Swift Transfer: Images will swiftly transfer to your device, enabling you to thoroughly document a property and complete a 360 Fast-Track Inspection in record time.

Review and Share!

Upon completion, 360° images seamlessly integrate into RentCheck's shareable inspection PDF reports.

Each report displays a thumbnail of the 360° image, allowing easy access to the full 360° tour via the '360 Viewer' option in any web browser.

This powerful addition enhances your Fast-Track Inspections, providing a comprehensive visual perspective of properties with ease.

Maintenance Reporting Redesign

We're thrilled to introduce a significant redesign of our Maintenance Reporting feature, aimed at making your property management tasks more efficient and user-friendly. Here's what's new:

Customize Report Organization:

Now, when selecting Maintenance Flags for your Maintenance Report, you have the flexibility to choose how your report is organized. Options include:

  • Organize by Room/Area

  • Organize by Skill/Vendor Trade

  • Organize by Responsibility (e.g., Resident or Owner)

Streamlined Report Creation:

We've streamlined the report creation process, making it faster and more user-friendly. We've eliminated many of the previous steps and clicks that were once required.

Redesigned Maintenance PDF Report:

Our maintenance PDF report has undergone a complete redesign for improved navigation and review. The new report features:

  • A professional cover page

  • A table of contents with links to specific report sections for enhanced accessibility

  • Clickable images that allow you to view them in full-size within any web browser

  • The convenience of downloading a zip file containing images directly from the Maintenance Report Details page

Enhanced Sharing (Coming Soon):

In the coming weeks, we'll be introducing an even more straightforward method for sharing Maintenance Reports directly from the RentCheck app, further streamlining your property management tasks.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these updates, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to help!

Additional Enhancements

For AppFolio-Integrated Customers:

  • Addition of AppFolio sync status on the Resident Details screen

  • Fix to address an issue that sometimes caused property team assignments not to get updated correctly when syncing from AppFolio

Additional Updates:

  • Fix to an issue that sometimes caused rooms to be covered by an inspection submission message on the main Inspection menu in the mobile app

  • Update to Dynamic Resident Scheduling feature so that current instead of future residents are automatically assigned to Move-in inspections

  • Fix to address an Inspection timeline display issue that sometimes caused reminder events to be shown without details

  • Design update to make it easier to select multiple choice answer options in the RentCheck mobile app

  • Added a warning when Marking Inspections as Completed to help prevent inspections from being marked as completed too soon and before all data has been updated to the Cloud.

  • Dashboard fixes to ensure that the Overdue and Almost Due line items are always accurate and never include completed inspections

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