Latchel Integration
Automate work order creation with RentCheck's Latchel integration (Beta)
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Latchel Integration Overview

  • Create Latchel work orders instantly from items flagged on RentCheck inspections

  • Select one or multiple flagged items to send to Latchel as a work order and streamline your inspection to maintenance process

  • Get started on repairs as soon as possible after an inspection is completed.

The Latchel integration is currently in Beta.

How it Works

Connecting RentCheck to Latchel

1. First, login to your Latchel account to obtain your API key. You can find your API key by going to Account Settings → Integrations. From there you can generate your API key.

2. Next, connect your RentCheck account to Latchel by navigating to the RentCheck Integrations page (located in your account profile dropdown menu) from the RentCheck web dashboard.

3. From the Latchel integration section click on “Try for Free”

4. On the next screen add your Latchel API key and the RentCheck team or teams you would like to connect to Latchel.

5. Once connected, your Latchel integration section will update to Active.

Creating Latchel work orders

1. Once items have been flagged for maintenance on a RentCheck inspection you will be able to create Latchel work orders right from RentCheck.

2. From the Inspection Detail page and after flagging items for maintenance, go to your list of Flagged Items.

3. Create a work order by select one or more flagged items and selecting 'Create Latchel work order' from the Create dropdown menu.

4. The first time you are creating a Latchel work order for a RentCheck property you will be asked to confirm the property in Latchel. Search by property address and find the corresponding property in Latchel.

5. Once selected, if there are active residents associated with the Latchel property it will be shown as Occupied. If there are currently no active residents, then it will be shown as Vacant. If there are access instructions for the property in Latchel then you will see them here. Edit them or if blank, enter them here before continuing.

6. On the next step you will:name your work order as well as specify the following:

  • Name your work order

  • Confirm the work order description (autofilled with maintenance flag notes)

  • Set the work order to "Use default dispatch settings" (enabled by default) or select a vendor from your Latchel preferred vendor list

  • Add specific instructions for the vendor (optional)

7. Please note that a Latchel work order cannot be created from issues that cross multiple skills (issues) in Latchel. Individual work orders must be created. Or as an alternative, when creating a work order, you will be prompted to and can select from one of the following three general skill categories:

  • General maintenance

  • Prepare unit for new residents (simple work)

  • Prepare unit for new residents (heavy remodel)

8. And that's it! After completing the steps you will receive confirmation that a work order has been sent to Latchel. You can view the progress of the work order from Latchel or keep up with its status right from RentCheck.

Viewing Latchel work order status

1. Work orders can be viewed in RentCheck from the Maintenance tab. Navigate to Work Orders. From here you can search by work order name or address as well as filter by Created Date, Status, and Inspection type.

2. The current Latchel work order status will be shown from this list view as well as the Work Order Detail page.

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