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Fresh AppFolio Integration Features
Fresh AppFolio Integration Features

AppFolio portfolio mapping, Bundle multiple maintenance flags into a single AppFolio work order, Integration sync activity

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We have three exciting AppFolio integration updates to share.

1. AppFolio Portfolio Mapping

Now you can map your AppFolio portfolios to RentCheck teams as part of your data sync setup. From the Data Sync Settings, select Edit Team Assignment

From the Team Assignment screen, if you have portfolios set up in AppFolio you will see them listed here.

Select a RentCheck team for each portfolio listed to map those units and buildings directly from the AppFolio portfolio to the RentCheck team selected. Once saved, new units and buildings will be automatically assigned to the correct team in RentCheck. As portfolios are updated in AppFolio RentCheck team assignments will also be updated automatically.

AppFolio portfolio mapping is optional. The default RentCheck team for unmapped properties will map all units and buildings not associated with a mapped AppFolio portfolio here to the RentCheck team selected.

2. Bundle multiple maintenance flags of the same vendor trade into a single AppFolio work order

With this update you can select multiple maintenance flags from the Inspection Flags List page in our desktop version, to create AppFolio work orders.

Select one or more maintenance flags and select Create AppFolio Work Order from the Create dropdown menu.

We will autoautomatically group maintenance flags of the same vendor trade into a single AppFolio work order. Review and confirm the details for each work order on one screen and you're good to go!

3. Inspection Sync Activity

We've also added visibility into the AppFolio inspection sync status on the Inspection Details page. In the event that there was an error uploading an inspection report to AppFolio this will be indicated next to the AppFolio icon as shown below.

We will automatically retry the upload and are here to assist if the issue persists. Chat us in-app.

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