AppFolio Integration
Two-way data sync empowers you and your team with a comprehensive and seamless inspection process
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Two-way data sync empowers you and your team to seamlessly manage your inspection process

With RentCheck's AppFolio integration you can easily set up a two-way data sync between AppFolio and RentCheck to ensure property, unit, and resident information is always up to date in RentCheck while automating inspection and work order processes.

Sync your properties, units, and residents

Control which properties you want to sync with property group and property type selections. Sync active residents and schedule resident-led inspections with ease.

Sync inspection reports by sending them back to AppFolio

Ensure that inspection reports are automatically sent back to AppFolio upon completion. With the inspection sync you can forget about having to manually download reports from RentCheck and upload back to AppFolio.

Create work orders in AppFolio automatically from RentCheck inspections

With the work order sync you can create AppFolio work orders instantly as you are flagging items for maintenance, either while performing an inspection or during the inspection review process. Save time and address issues faster by getting started on repairs as soon as possible after an inspection is completed.

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