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Connect your RentCheck account directly with your Rent Manager account

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RentCheck's direct integration with Rent Manager allows you to easily import your unit and tenant directory into RentCheck and automatically keeps information up to date in RentCheck.

In this guide:

How to Connect Rent Manager to RentCheck

1. From Rent Manager, navigate to the Admin tab. Within the Admin tab, select Available Integrations to search for RentCheck.

2. Use the Search field to look for "RentCheck". Once you've found RentCheck, select the "Request Activation" option

After you have Requested Activation, our team receives a request to activate the integration for your Rent Manager account.

Our team will notify you once your account has been configured and the integration is ready. This process is typically completed in under 24 hours.

Importing & Syncing Unit and Resident information from Rent Manager to RentCheck

Once the integration has been activated, your Active units from Rent Manager will be available for import. You will find these active units listed on the Rent Manager integration page in RentCheck.

To view the Rent Manager integration page, navigate to your RentCheck account settings by selecting Profile in the top-right menu. You will see a tab for "Integrations" listed in your My Account menu.

Prior to importing, you can remove any units that you prefer not to import into RentCheck. You can remove units from the import list individually by using the trash icon next to a property in the list view. You can also remove units in bulk by checking off multiple units and selecting the “Remove” option. Once satisfied with the list of units shown, selecting “Confirm for Import” will initiate RentCheck’s import process.

If you have existing units in RentCheck and we’ve found a match in RentCheck for a unit available for import, it will be indicated in the RentCheck property column. You can also unlink units as well as link them to RentCheck units on your own.

Importing Active Residents

From the Rent Manager integrations page within RentCheck, you will also see a Resident Import checkbox. If checked, RentCheck will pull active resident information for all imported units. Residents must have an email address in Rent Manager to be imported and added successfully in RentCheck.

Information imported for residents includes their full name, email address, phone number, lease dates, and deposit and rent amount. Name and email address are required. All other fields are optional. Once resident information is imported, names and contact details will auto-populate when requesting an inspection. RentCheck refreshes this data every hour to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

How does unit and resident information map from Rent Manager to RentCheck?


Only units that are marked as “Active” in Rent Manager will be listed and available for import in RentCheck. If a unit is not marked as “Active” in Rent Manager, it will not be available for import.

RentCheck uses the “Property” and “Unit” information from Rent Manager to identify property address and unit details.

From the Property tab in Rent Manager, the “Primary Address” field is used to populate the unit address in RentCheck. For multi-family units, the “Unit Name” field value is appended to the unit address after a dash.

RentCheck gets the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for units being imported from the “Unit” Details in Rent Manager.

Be sure these fields have been completed and are correct. RentCheck uses these values when creating units. Correct bed and bath numbers ensure that inspections are as complete and accurate as possible.

Please note: As units are added to your Rent Manager account (with an “Active” status) they will be listed on the Rent Manager integration page in RentCheck as available for import. Go through the steps above to confirm for import and add them to RentCheck.


When importing residents, RentCheck checks for active tenants in Rent Manager that are associated with the units being imported. Tenants are considered active when they have a current lease for a unit as determined by the lease “Move In” and “Move Out” dates. Depending on the Move In and Move Out dates that have been entered for a tenant, the “Status” will show as “Current” in Rent Manager.

Rent Manager Tenant View

RentCheck Tenant View

RentCheck adds name, email address, phone number, lease start and end dates, and rent and security deposit amount when importing residents. Only name and email address are required to import a resident. Only full name and email address are required fields. All other fields are optional.

If the phone number is available and imported, RentCheck will send inspection invites via text in addition to email when inspections are requested.

RentCheck refreshes resident data every hour to ensure we are keeping resident information up to date. This means that when you update tenant information in Rent Manager (e.g. Phone Numbers, Lease Start and Lease-End dates, Move Out date) those updates will be reflected in RentCheck. When the status of a tenant in Rent Manager updates to “Past” that resident is removed from view in your RentCheck account. As new tenants (with a “Current” status) are added in Rent Manager for properties that have been previously imported to RentCheck, these residents will be added automatically. These regular updates provide peace of mind that your active residents are synced, and accurate contact information is available when it’s time for an inspection.

Tips to Ensure a Seamless Integration

  1. We rely on accurate bedroom and bathroom values on “Units” in Rent Manager when creating properties in RentCheck. Check your unit information in Rent Manager to make sure bedrooms and bathrooms are complete and accurate before importing to RentCheck.

  2. Ensure that tenants in Rent Manager are assigned to the correct “Unit” in Rent Manager before importing units and residents in RentCheck.

  3. Only tenants with emails will be imported into RentCheck, so be sure to add emails to your resident profiles in Rent Manager when available.

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