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Faster Maintenance Flagging
Faster Maintenance Flagging

Easily select common maintenance issues when flagging items during an inspection for a faster inspection experience

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Introducing a major redesign of our mobile maintenance flagging feature to make it much quicker to flag items for maintenance while onsite and performing an inspection.

When performing in inspection and documenting a specific feature, we've added a new flag icon located conveniently at the top right of the screen. Tap here to flag for maintenance (Note: tapping here is no different than tapping Flag for Maintenance at the bottom of the screen).

On the next screen we present the most commonly used categories / vendor trades.

Select one from this list (without having to search and find) and receive confirmation that the maintenance flag has been created.

The feature notes and images will be automatically included and attached to the maintenance flag. Tap to View to add additional details if needed.

And that's it! Easy peasy. Whereas before we required you to search through the full extensive list of categories each and every time, and add additional information, it is now a quick one to two tap process!

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