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360° Image Inspections

360 Camera Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

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Capture Every Surface of a Room with Ease!

RentCheck has seamlessly integrated 360-degree cameras into its app, simplifying the process of capturing every corner of a room with a single tap. This comprehensive guide will walk you through setting up your 360 camera, troubleshooting common issues, and leveraging the power of 360 images in your inspection reports.

Supported 360 Cameras

RentCheck currently supports several Ricoh Theta camera models for 360-degree inspections. These include:

Ricoh Theta SC2: An affordable, entry-level option suitable for everyday use.

Ricoh Theta V: Offering superior image quality and advanced features.

Ricoh Theta X: Equipped with an on-camera interface, ideal for real estate shooting.

Ricoh Theta Z1: A premium choice known for its exceptional image quality.

To determine the best camera for your needs, read more about the differences between these models, here!

Getting Started – 360 Camera Setup and Usage

Camera Connection: Ensure your mobile device is connected to the 360 camera's Wi-Fi network. You can find the Ricoh Theta Wi-Fi password on the camera or in the network name itself. There's no need to download the Ricoh app; you can perform all functions directly within the RentCheck App.

Simple Selection: When opening a room or area in a Fast-Track Inspection, choose the '360 Photo' option under Media Formats.

Effortless Capture: Position the tripod-mounted camera in the room's center and step out of the line of sight. With a single tap, capture a 360° image. Repeat this process for each room that you want to capture.

You have the freedom to capture as many 360-degree images, as well as still images, as needed. We recommend using still images to document any finer details and damage, or for flagging specific items for maintenance.

Swift Transfer: Images will quickly transfer to your device, allowing you to complete a 360 Fast-Track Inspection efficiently. Keep in mind that cameras with higher image quality may take longer to transfer.

360 Images In Inspection Reports

360-degree photos seamlessly integrate into RentCheck inspection reports. Each report features a thumbnail of the 360 image, which viewers can click to access the full 360 tour via the '360 Viewer' option on any browser. Inspection reports can be shared as PDFs or HTML links with residents or owners, providing comprehensive property insights. Check out our updated maintenance reporting here!

Using the 360 Viewer

The 360 Viewer empowers users to interact with 360 images by clicking and dragging to explore different angles within a room or area. This feature ensures comprehensive property documentation and allows users to view various perspectives from their computers or mobile devices. High-resolution viewing is supported on the RentCheck app and website, providing detailed property insights.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Ensure your camera is fully charged and consider a portable battery pack for multiple inspections.

  • Maintain a solid Wi-Fi signal between your device and the camera.

  • Set the camera to camera mode (not video mode).

  • If the image preview on the RentCheck App freezes, check your camera's Wi-Fi connection.

  • Avoid installing Ricoh software, as the RentCheck app efficiently manages memory and photo management.

  • For faster upload times, capture all 360 images and wait for a stable, strong Wi-Fi connection. Remember to disconnect from your camera's Wi-Fi once the process is complete.

If your camera's Wi-Fi isn't appearing, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Patience is Key: Firstly, give it a moment. Sometimes, it takes a few moments for the camera's Wi-Fi to become available as an option.

  • Exclusive Connection: Ensure that you're the only device attempting to connect to the camera at the moment. This prevents interference and enhances the chances of a successful connection.

  • Wi-Fi On and Off: Try toggling your device's Wi-Fi on and off and then attempt the connection again.

Forget and Retry: If the issue persists, forget the camera's Wi-Fi network on your device and then retry the connection.

Please note upload and download times are increased for 360 inspections and vary depending on camera type. The further your device is from the camera, the longer the image will take to capture.

For quicker 360 inspection uploads, capture all 360 images, wait for a stable Wi-Fi connection, and then disconnect from your camera's Wi-Fi network before uploading.

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For guidance on choosing the right 360 camera model for your needs, explore our resource on selecting the ideal camera for your RentCheck inspections.

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