How to use Maintenance Flagging
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Maintenance Flagging has been added to provide the ability to use RentCheck inspection reports in an actionable way. Use the information provided in an inspection to build Maintenance Reports directly in RentCheck. In turn, these Maintenance Reports provide the background and details to begin your work order process.

Simply click the flag icon next to any unit feature on a completed inspection to flag it for maintenance. Add any notes relevant to the item in question to provide context. Specific images from the inspection report can also be tagged and included. We’ve also provided the option to categorize issues as Owner or Resident responsibility to make it easier to delegate maintenance costs.

Pull any or all of your highlighted issues into one view by running a Maintenance Report. We’ve created flexibility here to allow you to build your report as needed to create work orders. Easily capture the items that need attention and move those to your work order system from the Maintenance Report.

You have the option to create multiple Maintenance Reports from one inspection report, allowing them to be assigned to different work orders. Once a Maintenance Report has been created, you’ll find these stored in the Unit Details page. Download Maintenance Reports to pull information to add to work orders.

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