Fast-Track Inspections

A faster inspection designed for property management professionals

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For a faster inspection experience, you can opt into our fast-track option when setting up Move-in / Move-out, Periodic, Annual, and Turn Inspections. Designed to be completed in 10 minutes or less and specifically with property management professionals in mind, fast-track inspections ask for photos of rooms as a whole, eliminating the need to complete multiple steps within a room or area.

With the fast-track inspection, you can quickly move from room to room to take photos, only flagging issues as needed. Questions have also been removed so you can get in and out of units in record time.

To get started, simply select the Fast-Track checkbox when scheduling an inspection from our web dashboard or mobile app as shown below:

When selecting 'Myself or My Team', the Fast-Track option is selected by default but can be unchecked as needed.

When selecting 'Resident or Third-Party', the Fast-Track option is unchecked by default but can also always be enabled if desired.

Fast-track inspections can be created on both web and mobile.

And that's it! Once the inspection is initiated and started from the RentCheck mobile app, it will include a single step for every room or area included in the unit. Fast-track inspections will also be denoted in the mobile app with a Snap the shots you need and quickly complete the inspection.

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