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About RentCheck
Why Choose RentCheck?
Why Choose RentCheck?

RentCheck is a property inspection platform that brings all rental inspections in one place

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RentCheck technology provides guided inspections built for residents to help

property managers increase profits, increase visibility, and improve resident satisfaction.

Property Inspections are a Pain

Property inspections are essential to property management but are a major pain. They are often inaccurate, expensive, time consuming, and can create resident disputes. Inspections are often done on pen and paper leading to inaccuracies and subjective documentation. It's expensive and time consuming sending employees out to perform inspections and can lead to resident disputes due to a lack of transparency around security deposit deductions.

How RentCheck Helps

Reduce Expenses by empowering residents in the inspection process

Stay Informed with real-time visibility

Collect Data with an automated and uniform system for managing inspections

How RentCheck Works

​Resident-led Inspections
Involving and empowering residents in the inspection process means you can save on labor, mileage, and unknown maintenance issues. Resident-led inspections give residents a voice and in turn help property managers gain trust and build stronger relationships with their residents.

Inspections are done on the RentCheck mobile app. They are easy to perform and create consistent and high-quality reports. On average 86% of residents who are sent an inspection request from their property manager complete the inspection on time. RentCheck handles all reminders via email and text. Inspection types include move-in / move-out, annual, periodic, turn, exterior, and maintenance checks among others.

After downloading the mobile app and signing in, requested inspections are pre-loaded for residents and ready to go. Inspections are organized by room and feature and include detailed step-by-step instructions. We guide residents through an intuitive experience, prompting them to take photos of specific items, answer questions, and assign condition ratings, and ensuring that every nook and corner is covered. All images are timestamped and geotagged.

RentCheck was built with the resident experience top of mind but anyone with a smartphone - property managers, residents, agents and vendors - can use RentCheck to perform inspections. The RentCheck mobile app is available on iOS and Android and in both English and Spanish.

RentCheck offers live customer support to property management teams and their residents.

RentCheck for Residents

RentCheck gives residents peace of mind. Residents can also use RentCheck on their own to document the condition of their rental. Keeping accurate documentation from move-in to move-out is a best practice for residents. With RentCheck residents have an easily accessible digital record of rental condition including a library of high-quality photos taken during each inspection along with ratings and notes.

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