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Inspections performed by you or someone else on your team can now be edited from RentCheck's desktop version after they've been submitted from the RentCheck mobile app. When your team is onsite performing an inspection we want you to be able to capture the photos you need and get in and out of a unit as quickly as possible.

How inspection editing works

Once an internal / team inspection is submitted from the RentCheck mobile app it will show as 'Completed'.

From RentCheck's desktop version:

  1. Open a completed inspection and click on a feature to view rating, questions, images, and notes.

  2. Select the More Options (3-dots) menu to the right of the flag icon.

  3. Select 'Edit Feature'

  4. Update the rating, question answers, and feature notes.

  5. You can also remove photos or attach new ones by selecting the edit image icon to the bottom right of one of the feature images.

  6. Inspection edits will be added to the Inspection Timeline by showing the date an inspection was edited and the name of the user who made the edits.

  7. Inspection edits will also be added to the inspection PDF report at the end and will include the date an inspection was edited, the number of features edited, and the name of the user who made the edits. In addition, any additional inspection signatures requested and obtained before edits were made will be removed from the report and will need to be requested again.

A couple more things to note:

  • Features marked as N/A during an inspection cannot be edited once the inspection has been submitted.

  • Resident-led inspections or inspections performed by a third-party cannot be edited from the desktop version once completed. For these inspections, revisions should be requested so that desired updates can be made.

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