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Approving Inspections and Requesting Revisions
Approving Inspections and Requesting Revisions
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This guide outlines the process of approving inspections and requesting revisions within RentCheck. Whether you're managing inspections or need to provide feedback, this article will help you navigate the approval process effectively.

Approving an Inspection

Once requested inspections have been completed and submitted they will show up as ‘Awaiting Review’ on the Inspections tab.

You can track these inspections and those ready for approval through your Daily Snapshot on the RentCheck Dashboard.

Step 1: Review and Approve

Start by reviewing the inspection from the Inspection Details page. Here, you'll find the 'Approve' option.

After selecting 'Approve,' you'll be guided through the following steps:

Step 2: Digital Signature

Your digital signature will be automatically added. If necessary, you can update the signature to ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Add a Note (Optional)

Optionally, leave a note for the resident or user who conducted the inspection. This note will be included in their inspection approval email.

Step 4: Update Unit Details (If Applicable)

If rooms were added to the property during the inspection or marked as 'N/A' and haven't been updated on the property, a checkbox will appear. It provides the option to 'Update unit details by adding or removing rooms/areas added or marked as N/A during the inspection.' Selecting this checkbox ensures the property configuration is updated upon hitting 'Approve,' which helps maintain accurate future inspections.

Step 5: Provide Feedback (Optional)

Under 'More Options,' you have the opportunity to provide a star rating and feedback note on the inspection. While this step is optional, your feedback is valuable to RentCheck.

Step 6: Finalize Approval

Once you've completed the previous steps and are ready to proceed, click 'Approve.'

Step 7: Confirmation and Notification

The inspection status will change to 'Approved,' and the person who conducted the inspection will receive an email confirmation of the approval.

By following these steps, you can efficiently approve inspections and provide valuable feedback to ensure a smooth and accurate inspection process within RentCheck!

Requesting a Revision in RentCheck: Step by Step

Walk through the process of requesting a revision in RentCheck, providing a step-by-step walkthrough for ensuring that necessary changes are made to inspections.

Step 1: Initiate Revision Request

To initiate a revision request, click the 'Revision' button.

A confirmation screen will open, allowing you to provide detailed instructions for the resident or user who conducted the inspection regarding the revisions needed.

Step 2: Mark Features for Revision (Optional)

During your inspection review, you can also choose to mark individual features for revision. This can be done either from the Features List on the Inspection Details page or when reviewing inspection images.

Features marked for revision will be placed in a revision queue until you're ready to finalize the revision request.

The revision icon will turn blue to indicate that a feature has been marked for revision.

Step 3: Finalize the Revision Request

After completing your inspection review and marking features for revision, select 'Revision.'

The specific features marked for revision will be listed on the confirmation screen and you can set a due date for the revision request.

Daily reminders will be sent one day before, on the day of, and one day after the revision request due date.

What Happens After the Revision Request?

An email notification will be sent to the individual who conducted the inspection, specifying which specific features require revisions. Your instructions will be included in this email.

An event will be recorded in your Inspection Timeline, indicating when the revision was requested and by whom. It will also list the specific features marked for revision, if applicable.

The inspection will be reopened, and upon logging back into the mobile app, the items needing revision will be clearly highlighted.

In the Main Inspection menu, areas with at least one feature revision requested will be displayed with a red edit icon.

Tapping on a room or area will reveal the features list, with those requiring revision marked by a red edit icon.

Final Step: Resubmitting the Inspection

To resubmit the inspection, features marked for revision must be edited or updated.

Users will not be able to resubmit the inspection unless changes have been made to the features marked for revision.

Additional Information

  • If you ever need to cancel a revision request, features marked for revision will remain in that status until they are individually removed or updated.

  • Once a revision request has been completed, and the inspection is resubmitted, it will appear in your Inspections list as 'Revision Review.' Use the Revision Review filter to easily manage and review these inspections for approval.

  • Approving an inspection will also add your signature to the Inspection PDF Report under the 'Approved by' line item.

  • By following these steps, you can efficiently request and manage revisions in RentCheck to ensure inspections are accurate and complete.

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