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Introducing redesigned inspection scheduling & new bulk actions
Introducing redesigned inspection scheduling & new bulk actions
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Redesigned Inspection Scheduling

We updated our inspection scheduler which is designed to make scheduling inspections faster and easier. You can also now schedule inspections in bulk!

The steps to schedule an inspection have been consolidated into a single simplified screen.

Bulk Inspection Scheduling

To schedule inspections in bulk, first filter units or buildings from the Properties tab, and select the new Create Inspection option from the bulk action dropdown menu.

The selected properties will be added and you can then finish the inspection scheduling setup.

For now, schedule internal team inspections in bulk or assign bulk inspections to specific email addresses. We are also working hard to finish a new dynamic resident option for bulk resident-led inspections which will eliminate the need to manually select resident recipients and will also ensure that the correct residents are assigned to inspections now and moving forward. We will be releasing this update, along with the ability to assign inspections to individual teammates, toward the end of Q2.

Bulk Inspection Reminders

We also recently released a new bulk reminder feature. From the Inspections tab, filter inspections that are almost due or overdue and have not yet been completed. Select them and choose the Send Reminder option from the bulk actions dropdown menu.

You can also send bulk reminders from your Dashboard Daily Snapshot. Click to review inspections that are Almost Due or Overdue, select them, and select Send Reminder from the bulk actions dropdown.

Choose to send reminders by Email and SMS or just Email. For each recipient see whether we have a phone number on record or not. Directly add phone numbers before sending the reminders and we'll update residents' contact details for future use. Send a personal message with each reminder.

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