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RentCheck Inspection Score

Quickly assess which units need more time and attention during your inspection review process

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The RentCheck Inspection Score is designed to give quick insight into a property’s condition based on the quality and completeness of the inspection report.

Use the Inspection Score to assess which units may need more of your time and attention as it relates to maintenance, inspection revisions, or to inform your turn process by understanding which units will require more time and money to make ready for the next resident.

How is the Inspection Score Calculated?

There are three key factors considered when calculating the Inspection Score.

  • Property Condition

  • Completeness

  • Timeliness

Let's review each one in a little more detail.

Property Condition (60%)

Property Condition factors in the feature ratings and question responses given during the inspection. It is weighted the highest when calculating the Inspection Score.

Completeness (30%)

Completeness looks at how thorough an inspection is based on the images provided for required features.

Timeliness (10%)

Timeliness looks at whether an inspection was completed on time and the time frame within which it was completed. It is weighted the lowest when calculating the Inspection Score.

Let us know what you think of the Inspection Score. We would love to hear how it is helping you or how it can be improved.

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