Scheduling your First Inspection
Details on how to create and request your first inspection
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Let's dive into the details of creating your first inspection!

To get started:

From the "Inspections" tab, select "New Inspection", then "Add Unit Inspection". From this point we'll prompt you through each selection to ensure you get the inspection requested exactly as needed.

Which unit needs an inspection?

First, select the unit that you would like to request an inspection for. You will find a dropdown list of all units, or you can select to add a new unit.

What type of inspection?

RentCheck provides a variety of inspection types to allow for all scenarios throughout the life of a lease. Select the appropriate inspection type to you would like to request. Learn more about our templates and when to use a particular inspection type: Move In, Move Out, Annual, Pre-Acquisition, and Maintenance Checks

Inspection Label

Inspection labels can help to add additional context to the inspection. While optional, this additional text can help further organize your inspections and make them easier to find and reference at a later date.

Is the inspection recurring?

In many instances, inspections should be set to recur on a normal schedule. Select from various recurring options to have your inspection duplicated on a regular schedule, including monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. Going forward, inspections will be sent automatically based upon the schedule selected.

If you elect to set the inspection to recur, choose a final date to run the inspection schedule through. The date selected will be end the automated inspection schedule.

Who should perform the inspection?

Allow your residents to be part of the inspection process by selecting or adding their email to the "3rd Party or Resident" field. Add the resident's email, and select to create the inspection to prompt RentCheck's automatic, which alerts the recipient of the inspection and walks them through how to get started on the inspection.

Alternatively, you or someone on your team can perform the inspection. Select the second option, "Myself or My Team" to have the inspection available on your RentCheck mobile app. Begin the inspection through the RentCheck mobile app at your convenience.

⚡ Fast Track Inspections ⚡

Utilize the Fast Track option to create a condensed inspection, without the details of our standard inspection templates. Built for property managers, these inspections allow you to move quickly through an inspection, capturing only the necessities. Learn more about fast track inspections here!

After creation of the inspection, you can view the status, send reminders, and edit recipients by clicking the inspection on the Inspections list. Check out other helpful articles here on how to manage your inspections!

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