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November 2023: Redesigned Inspection Reports and more!
November 2023: Redesigned Inspection Reports and more!

Our redesigned inspection reports will leave a positive impression on your customers

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We are thrilled to share an exciting enhancement to your RentCheck experience – We're excited to share our redesigned inspection reports and other updates!

Managing your property inspections and maintenance is easier and more customizable than ever; you can now choose the specific content you want to include in the PDF reports generated from your RentCheck account.

Here's what you can expect:

Redesigned Inspection Reports

You now have more control over the content presented, allowing you to provide professional, customized reports that highlight vital information for both residents and owners. Our redesigned inspection reports will leave a positive impression on your customers.

The key highlights include:

New Cover Page and Table of Contents
We’ve simplified navigation within reports with cover page and table of contents options. The newfound flexibility enables you to fine-tune reports to suit your precise communication needs and share critical information more efficiently with owners and residents!

Customizable Display & Layout

Tailor your reports to your requirements. Navigate to the Account Settings page and select Inspection Report Settings.

From the Inspection Report Settings page, select Edit, and choose what to display on your pdf reports, including:

  • Inspection Summary

    • Resident Name & Contact Details

    • Summary Page

    • Inspection Label

    • Summary Note

    • Table of Contents

  • Inspection Feature Data

    • Questions and Answers

    • Notes

    • Images

    • Ratings

  • Maintenance Flags

    • Owner Responsible Flags

      • Estimated Cost

      • Flag Notes

      • Internal Flag Notes

    • Resident Responsible Flags

      • Estimated Cost

      • Flag Notes

      • Internal Flag Notes

Use the toggles to turn entire sections on/off or use the checkboxes to show/hide individual items. Once finished, save your changes and your inspection PDF reports will be good to go! Check out the changes by downloading any completed RentCheck inspection report.

Improved Resident Experience

For residents using the RentCheck mobile app, we’ve added a redesigned Profile Management Section that makes it easier for residents to manage and update profile information.

Revision Request Improvements

We've made tracking requested revisions easier with:

  • Individual features marked for revision are now included in the Revision Requested Inspection timeline event for easier revision management and tracking.

  • Individual features marked for revision are also included in Revision Request reminder emails (in addition to the initial Revision Request email notification), reducing potential confusion and clearly indicating to the resident the specific revisions required for the inspection.

Inspection & Maintenance Report Sharing

  • Sharing maintenance reports is easy with a new share icon added to the Maintenance Report Details page.

  • Property managers can easily send maintenance PDF reports to recipients, complete with a personal message. The recipients will receive an email with the message and a link to download the maintenance report.

  • Inspection PDF reports will now download immediately and you will no longer need to check your email to access downloaded reports.

  • Accessing and copying inspection report links for sharing is a breeze!

This release empowers you with more control and flexibility in managing your property inspections and maintenance. If you have questions or need assistance, we’re here to help.

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