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Setting up your Team and Portfolio
Setting up your Team and Portfolio
Set up your team, invite teammates, and organize your portfolio
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Manage Your Team

The power is yours! We’re giving you the ability to manage your team’s access directly from RentCheck. Going forward, you will be able to invite team members, build internal teams, manage teammate roles and personalize reports with your company logo.

From the My Account page, the Team section will give you greater control over your account. First, is the ability to add your colleagues to your RentCheck account by inviting them directly from within the My Account page. We will send an invite, and once accepted you will see them listed as part of your team.

Build Multiple Teams

Create multiple teams within your account to organize your portfolio. We know how important organization is, and we want you to be able to organize your RentCheck units and inspections to reflect your internal teams. If you have multiple portfolios or if you segment your units, create multiple teams so that users only manage their respective units.

When creating teams, add your company name and an internal label for the team. Your company name will be external facing on all communication, while the internal labels are an organizational aid to help you differentiate your teams and portfolios. For individuals on your teams, we’re introducing two new team roles: Admin and Manager. These roles designate who can edit teams and assign units.

Team Managers can view, create and complete inspections. Team Admins will have the ability to assign units to a team in bulk from the Units list page. Check as many units as needed, then simply click the “Reassign Team” button to bulk assign to the appropriate internal team.

How to create a team:

1. Go here to create your team. Click on the button titled 'Set up team.'

2. Choose an external and internal name.

External names are used in resident communications.
Example: Mandeville Properties.

Internal names are used to help you differentiate teams within a specific organization.

Example: New Orleans Office or John Smith's Team.

3. Add a logo.

Add your company logo to your inspection reports by adding it here. Your logo will appear at the top right of inspection reports in place of the RentCheck logo. Attach your logo as a .png or .jpg with a 3:1 aspect ratio (i.e. 360 px wide and 120 px tall).

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